Eagle One Tire Swipes

These new and innovative foam applicators are contoured to spread tire dressing smoothly and evenly while eliminating runs and drips, oily hands, and messy rags. Their dual-density foam design allows for a dense handle, which keeps your hands clean. A contoured applicator perfectly spreads the dressing on your tire’s sidewall. Eagle One Tire Swipes are washable and reusable. Eliminates overspray on wheel surfaces Prevents andquot;runs and dripsandquot; Keeps your hands clean Use less tire dressing Washable and reusable How To Use: Spray tire dressing sparingly on clean tire surface. We recommend Eagle One WET Tire Shine. To prevent overspray on wheels, apply the WET Tire Shine directly on tire swipe. Spread tire dressing evenly over sidewall using a sweeping motion. For best results wash the applicator after each use.

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