Eagle One NanoWax High Gloss Polish

Eagle One introduces the first polish and wax utilizing advanced Nano technology to fill fine scratches and conceal swirl marks. NanoWax is our most technologically advanced wax created using Nanotechnology. This formula is better at filling fine scratches and concealing swirl marks than traditional waxes. It also provides an amazing shine and leaves no wax residue behind. We believe NanoWax is the best performing high gloss wax formula on the market today. Its an easier way to protect your car with a long lasting wax and high gloss shine. What is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is a remarkable process that works at the molecular level to provide revolutionary benefits.andnbsp; It involves working with particles and is also used in healthcare and electronics.andnbsp; Why choose Eagle One’s NanoWax? Current wax products utilize particles that are too large to effectively fill and remove many hairline scratches, thus causing swirl marks to appear on the paint surface, leaving a surface that reflects light unevenly.andnbsp; But, by using Nanotechnology, Eagle One’s NanoWax conceals swirl marks and hairline scratches.andnbsp; The result is a deep, glossy shine.andnbsp; The polishing agent particles used in this formula are nano sized and are much more efficient at filling and sealing scratches, creating a more even surface.andnbsp; The smoother coating also minimizes smearing after you’ve applied the wax, and allows for easy removal.andnbsp; And because nano particles are so tiny, NanoWax eliminates the white powder residue that other waxes leave behind. NanoWax Features: Easy to remove, no white residue Conceals minor scratches and swirl marks Comes in convenient pump bottle for control and ease-of-use Smoother coating minimizes smearing after polishing FREE Microfiber Polishing Cloth included! IN PACK BONUS! Every bottle of NanoWax includes a free non-abrasive microfiber polishing cloth and foam applicator. Ultra-fine micro fibers actually lift and remove excess wax resulting in a streak-free, glossy shine.

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