Eagle One Bucket-Free Car Wash

The new way to wash your car. Working hard to get your car spotless feels good, but theres not always enough time to achieve perfection. Bucket-Free Car Wash is a super-concentrated, easy-to-use, lubricating spray-on car wash created for those who want great results in less time. With cutting-edge technology that safely lifts dirt from the surface of your car without scratching, you get the perfect balance of clean with perfection. Bucket-Free Car Wash eliminates the biggest hassle of washing your car the bucket. This super-sudsing, inspray-onin car wash creates a thick lather that lifts dirt from your car’s surface. Just spray Bucket-Free Car Wash on a wet car, wash with a sponge and rinse. It’s the quickest and easiest way to wash your car. Easy-to-use, fast and convenient Deep cleaning, thick sudsing action provides lubrication and anti-re-depositing technology that wont scratch the surface of your car No recycling of dirty water from the bucket back on to the vehicle’s surface Eliminates the need for a bucket, just use a hose and wash mitt and you’re done! Super-concentrated formula will wash up to 60 cars For that extra shine and protection, apply Wax As-U-Dry after you wash for the perfect quick detail and a beautiful shine.

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