E-CHARGE Emergency Car Starter w/ USB

Use E-CHARGE Emergency Car Starter to start a vehicle with a discharged battery. Simply plug it into the disabled vehicles 12V accessory outlet, turn it on and the power starts transferring to the vehicles battery. Simple and easy to use and there is no need to go under the hood keeps you safe inside your car. E-CHARGE is a must-have for people who dont want to be stranded with a discharged battery. Features: USB Port use E-CHARGE as a DC power source to charge/run various cell phones, computers, PDAs, iPods or any device chargeable through a USB port. 12V Port Use E-CHARGE to power 12V DC devices. Power On/Off switch completely shuts off internal battery eliminating accidental shorting and battery drain. Easy-to-read battery status LEDs indicates Car Battery Charging and Internal Battery Charging. 4-Ah lead-acid battery charges a vehicle’s battery in 15 30 minutes. Powerful enough to use on cars, small trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and boats. Charges a vehicle’s battery safely from inside the vehicle no need to lift the hood and attach battery clamps. Easy to recharge internal battery can be charged while driving using the 12 volt DC plug or at home with the provided AC charger. Compact design allows for easy in-car storage so help is always close at hand. Built-in compartment neatly keeps 12V accessory plug and cord stored away.

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