DuPont ION Liquid Car Polish

DuPont Ion Liquid Car Polish is the only automotive polish that neutralizes static energy by leaving an invisible synthetic wax barrier on your car, truck, van or SUV exterior finish. The unique formula helps repel dirt, dust, mud and road grime to protect your paint and deliver a long-lasting shine. The DuPont Liquid Ion Car Polish is also safe to apply to rubber, vinyl, plastic, painted and clear coated surfaces. Polishes in just minutes and leaves no white residue. The shine lasts longer than other conventional waxes/polishes on the market. Contains 16 fl. oz.


* Energized Synthetic Wax Protection
* Neutralizes Static Energy
* Protects From Damaging Heat Up To 400 Degrees
* Repels Dirt, Dust, Mud and Road Grime
* Safe To Apply To Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic, Painted Surfaces
* Leaves No White Residue
* Polishes In Just Minutes

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