All-Terrain Dually Rear Wheels Wagon

Looking for an all purpose wagon to get things done? Why settle for a typical wagon and get yourself a wagon on steroids! Sure, this wagon is perfect for landscaping, nurseries, lawn gardening work, hauls shrubs, potted bushes, bags of fertilizer, seed and pull the kids in a parade, but what makes this Dually Rear Wheels Wagon by On The Edge Marketing different is that you can have this wagon along for car shows, swap meets, construction projects, anywhere you are in for the long haul or anything that a typical wagon can’t handle. With Dually wheels in the rear, this wagon can handle more weight and cover more terrain. It is truly the monster truck of all wagons!

Plus, a Stainless Steel Metal Underbody Tool Box, Black Mesh Canopy Curtain and a Ice Chest Carrier are all included with the wagon!


* Tough and durable all-wood base and rails.
* Handle more weight and cover more terrain.
* Twin-tube D-handle with comfort grip.
* Dually Rear Wheels for greater stability.
* Chrome-plated steel wheels.
* (1) Stainless Steel Metal Underbody Tool Box included.
* (1) Black Mesh Canopy Curtain included.
* (1) Ice Chest Carrier included.


* Dimensions: 42″ x 17″ x 10″
* Treaded 14″ Pneumatic Tires
* Weight: 48 lbs.
* Model: 900104

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