Drying and Polishing Micro Fiber Towel Extra Large

The extra large Gliptone Softouch Drying andamp; Polishing Micro Fiber Towel is the #1 detailing cloth for wax removal, polishing, buffing, and dusting. The streak-free and lint-free qualities of this fabric make it an excellent choice for cleaning windows, glass, and many other surfaces. The Gliptone Softouch Micro Fiber Towel cleans and absorbs up to 8 times it’s weight. Micro fiber technology takes a single fiber with the thickness of less than a human hair and splits is 16 times into a andquot;Vandquot; shape. This creates crevices that collect water, debris, and even bacteria, making this one of the most absorbent products on earth! Washable and reusable Will not scratch, streak, or leave lint Safe on clear coat paint and all surfaces 16andquot; x 36andquot; (576 sq. in.) (40cm x 91cm)

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