Dorman 800-500 Quick Disconnect Steel Fuel Line Repair Kit

Designed to save the time and expense of complete fuel line assembly replacement by giving users the ability to repair the damaged section of fuel line or sending unit line. Includes over 150 pieces and repairs both domestic and import fuel lines and contains newly designed nylon to steel brass adapters that allow a safe/professional repair when connection nylon to steel lines.

* Provides solutions for common fuel line problems found when working with OEM steel fuel lines.
* Repairs are made with steel fuel line pieces.
* 150 pc set comes complete with the fuel line, parts, adapters, and more to fix these common problems:
* Twisted fuel lines
* Rusted line connection
* Cracked fuel line
* Broken fuel line clips
* Rusted fuel sending unit line
* Includes free Precision Bender and Free Compact Pipe Cutter.

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