DesignTech Lamp Controller
The DesignTech Lamp Controller is made for use with the DesignTech Solar Powered Driveway Monitor (#DES33372), to automatically turn on a lamp in your home when a vehicle arrives at your driveway, when the door is opened or whenever motion is detected.andnbsp; The Lamp Controller makes for a great security device. Never come back to a dark home again and fool burglars by making your home appear to be occupied. DesignTech Lamp Controller Features: Timer can be adjusted to turn on lamp for 2, 5, or 10 minutes after activation or to keep the lamp on until the Lamp Controller is manually reset. Easy installation. Simply plug the Lamp Controller into the back of the Driveway Monitor receiver, plug the Lamp Controller into a nearby electrical outlet, and plug the lamp into the Lamp Controller. For indoor use only. For use with 200 watt or less incandescent lamps only. Cannot be used with 3-prong grounded lamp plugs. 1 Year Limited Warranty. Made in China.

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