CoverCraft Custom-Fit Deflector-Protector With A Built-in Bug Deflector
Tailored for an exact fit to any car, SUV, van and truck, this stylish protector with a built-in bug deflector features a reinforced bug deflector to create a swirling wind action that will divert most bugs, dirt and debris away from the windshield. By Covercraft. Unlike hard plastic bug deflectors, this Deflector-Protector removed in minutes and stored in the trunk or behind the seat in a pickup. No holes to drill or hardware to attach, it installs quickly and easily using an envelope design and tightening strap under the hood to hold it securely in place. CoverCraft MD and MH Series Exact Fit Deflector-Protectors are available for most makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. Click Here to Find the Covercraft Front End Maskandnbsp; or Hood Protector For Your Car or Truck

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