Coleman Powermate 1 Gallon Cordless Rechargeable Wet/Dry Vacuum
12 Volt Wet/Dry Vacuum (gray) * Cleans up wet or dry spills * Powered by your vehicle’s 12V power port * 1 gallon (3.8 liter) capacity * SMARTPADâ„¢ technology features power suction at both high and low speeds * 3 foot hose is far-reaching * Comfortable nylon strap for toting contained messes away for disposal * Can also be used as an inflator/deflator * Crevice tool, carpet tool, upholstery brush, 2 inflator nozzles, and reusable filter are all included * Built-in maintenance-free rechargeable battery * Up to 30 minutes run time from a single charge. * 3 foot flexible hose and cleaning attachments for access to hard to reach areas. * Smart Padâ„¢ technology for switching power levels and checking battery charge. * AC and DC charging cords included.

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