California Water Blade Extension Handle Adapter Kit
This adapter slides over the ABS plastic handle of The Original California Heavy Duty Water Blade and allows the attachment of most standard handles. It fits 12, 14 and 18 Water Blades. It works great on tall vehicles, windows, and is angle adjustable. It extends your reach up to 46in. Includes one extendable handle that fits into the Water Blade Handle Extension Adaptor. Note: The adaptor is necessary to connect the two parts together. A Great Accessory to Order When You Buy The California Heavy Duty Water Blade!Helps you reach where you never could before! NOTE: inYin Bracket adaptor is needed to connect the Handle Extension to the Heavy Duty Water Blade. Handle Extension Only (#DUS96052) $4.95 Handle Extension Adapter Only (#DUS20036) $6.95 Handle Extension and Adapter Combo (#DUS96052)+(#DUS20036) $11.90

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