California Heavy Duty Water Blade Car Drying Tool
This is the larger version of The Original California Water Blade, designed for drying big trucks, trailers, motor homes, and even commercial vehicles. The 18in Water Blade still has the patented T-Bar edge and medical grade silicone construction, making it as efficient as the standard size. It is also great for large windows and other surfaces. Features: Will not scratch even the most delicate surfaces (including the paint on your vehicle) Contours to rounded surfaces like fenders and large windshields Virtually eliminates the need for messy towels or chamois Large, comfortable ABS plastic handle with ergonomically-designed grip to minimize fatigue during use The Original California Heavy Duty Water Blade will revolutionize the way you dry your car. It removes water from any vehicle in about 1/3 the time it takes to dry it with towels, chamois or sponges. Towels and chamois often leave lint and other deposits on the surface of your vehicle. The Heavy Duty Water Blade easily whisks away water and its soft medical grade silicone and patented T-Bar tip will not scratch the surface or leave deposits. The Original California Heavy Duty Water Blade is NOT some ordinary squeegee with a fancy handle. Utilizing a unique molding process, the oversized blade is manufactured from one of the softest materials on the planet. It molds itself to almost any contour, and the exclusive T-Bar edge collects the water and sweeps it off in just one pass. The blade is so soft and pliable that it glides over any surface and has 15-times less friction than a terrycloth towel! You never have to worry about The Original California Heavy Duty Water Blade scratching even the most delicate paint. Not only is The Original California Water Blade a tremendous aid to auto detailing, it has hundreds of uses in the home. Windows, mirrors, shower doors, tiles, French doors, counter tops and other household surfaces can be easily dried with just one pass! Every home should have one! From the makers of the California Car Duster! TIP: For even better drying results, buy a inMr. Thirstyin Super Absorbent Synthetic Towel along with your California Water Blade.

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