Bully Dog Triple Dog Downloader Duramax

Take your Chevy/GMC Duramax engine to a whole new level with Bully Dog’s Triple Dog Module. No one can touch what Bully Dog is doing. Bully Dog is the only manufacture that can offer you a downloader that will increase horsepower levels on the trucks with the same downloader. Bully Dog is also the only manufacture that will allow you to change horsepower levels inside the cab with a downloader. This is no ordinary downloader; this is the ultimate downloader revolutionizing the Diesel Performance Industry. Dont get left behind. We Triple Dog dare you to take the Triple Dog challenge. Go ahead and take it to next level! Features: The Triple Dog Downloader can provide a increase of 120 horsepower and 240lbs-ft torque in the Extreme setting. Horsepower is available via internet upgrade resulting in a total of 200 horsepower and 410lbs-ft torque. The Triple Dog is the ONLY downloader that you can adjust horsepower and transmission settings while vehicle is in operation. You can transfer the Triple Dog to other vehicle brands so there is no leaving power behind. Only with the Triple Dog can you get additional horsepower via the internet. You can also download new features, as they become available, and changes to various vehicle platforms. Make power and at the same time Improve fuel economy. Very easy to setup and Install. Specification: Duramax Triple Dog Module (Model# 40500) Note: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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