Bully Dog Torque Dog Module

The Bully Dog’s Torque Dog is the absolute best module you can put in your Dodge Cummins! You will receive dramatic horsepower and torque increases in minimal installation time. The Torque Dog is a module that easily plugs into the injection pump or into the port link boost sensor depending on the type of vehicle you own. The Torque Dog module simply plugs into the engines data port link and boost sensor. Set the Torque Dog Module loose on your Dodge Cummins diesel engine and youll quickly discover what Bully Dog can do for your power. The Torque Dog Module is ready to rip with three performance settings that can be changed on the fly. Features: The Bully Dog Torque Dog Module is custom designed for your Dodge Cummins engine. The Torque Dog boasts three pre-programmed settings that are adjustable on the fly. Bully Dogs Torque Dog delivers an extra 30-90 horsepower and 100-200 lbs of torque, depending on your specific Dodge engine setup. Experience better fuel economy, lower EGT and few downshifts. Straightforward installation lets you plug the Torque Dog Module straight into the data port or stock connectors. Simple to install with most installs taking about 20 minutes. Your Bully Dog Torque Dog Module is backed by a 1-year warranty and free 800-number technical support line service. Specification: Dodge Torque Dog Adjustable Module (Model# 42013) Note: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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