Bully Dog Rapid Power and Outlook Monitor Combo

The Rapid Power is a performance module that was engineered and designed with performance and towing safety as the #1 feature. The Rapid Power performance module will fulfill your specific need to increase towing performance, drivability and fuel mileage. This module has three horsepower settings of Stock, Towing (40 hp) and Performance (103 hp). This module also includes Tranny Smart software to protect your transmission against unnecessary damage. The Rapid Power performance module is a must have for the individuals wanting to receive the best safety package for towing. Features: Paired with the Bully Dog Outlook Monitor, the Rapid Power is fully-adjustable from your drivers seat. The BullyDog Rapid Power and Outlook Monitor performance package is custom designed for your Ford Powerstroke diesel truck. Give your engine a boost without the risk of damage, the Rapid Power is designed to increase horsepower without overheating or damaging injectors. Loaded with tranny-smart software for excellent shift improvements and anti-slipping measures. Your horsepower and towing torque are greatly improved instantly by the Rapid Power. Ford Powerstroke diesels can gain up to 103 horsepower and 239 lbs. of torque with the Rapid Power. Easily adjust your speedometer for tire size and quickly check horsepower and torque. Effortlessly monitor Turbo Boost , EGT, speed, engine RPMs with the Outlook and joyfully record and display ΒΌ mile/0-60 speed and times. Specification: Ford Rapid Power Module w/Outlook Monitor (Model# 41078) Note: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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