Bully Dog Power Pup Downloader and Outlook Monitor Combo

The Power Pup Downloader is for those looking for more power for towing and performance, or for the extreme driver looking to decrease their time in the quarter mile. The Power Pup increases horsepower and torque be re-flashing the vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU). Installation takes place in-cab by plugging the Power Pup into the OBDII port. The Power Pup gives the user four horsepower settings to choose from: Stock, Tow (50-70 hp), Performance (75-90 hp), or Extreme (95-110). The Power Pup retains the stock program so the truck can be put back to the original settings if the need arises. Add the Outlook Monitor for on-the-fly adjustability. Features: The Bully Dog Power Pup Module is custom designed for your specific engine. The Power Pup covers all the performance bases with four dyno-proven settings Tow, Performance, Extreme and Stock. The highest gains of any programmer, the Bully Dog Power Pup delivers from 50-150 horsepower, depending on your specific vehicle. The Power Pup Module lets you turn off the speed limiter and clears diagnostic trouble codes. Straightforward installation lets you plug the Power Pup right into the in-cab OBDII port. Specification: Ford Bully Dog Power Pup Downloader Module w/Outlook Monitor (Model# 41566) Note: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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