Bully Dog Outlook Monitor

Adjusts, Monitors, Displays andamp; Records Engine Functions! The Bully Dog Outlook Monitor takes priority access of your engine and gives you control over your vehicles power levels with the press of a button. It allows you to set emergency de fueling points based on exhaust temperatures. When temperatures reach your set levels, the Outlook Monitor will automatically engage and de fuel to prevent excessive exhaust gas temperatures. The Bully Dog Outlook Monitor is also designed to work specifically with Bully Dogs Rapid Power, Dyne Dominator performance modules and the Power Pup Downloader, but is also compatible with most diesel chips, performance modules and/or downloaders available on the market. Features: Custom built for your Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel engine. Easy-to-read screen: Display four different functions at one time, with multiple quick-change functions available on the fly. Universal compatibility with all diesel chips, performance modules and tuners. Monitor, checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes. Adjusts speedometer for tire size. Monitors turbo boost, EGT, speed, RPMs, horsepower and torque. Monitors your engine 100 times every second. Records and displays ΒΌ mile/0-60 speed and times. Comes complete with a mount to go in a pillar pod or an adjustable windshield mount. Specification: Dodge Outlook Monitor (Model# 40263) Note: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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