Bully Dog Dyno Dominator Module Duramax LB7

The Dyno Dominator Performance Module is ideal for the extreme user and horsepower enthusiast. If you enjoy fast reacting high horsepower, this module was designed just for you. The extreme user will love the features this module has to offer. The Dyno Dominator adds three horsepower settings: Stock, Tow (70 hp) and Extreme (150 hp) for the Duramax LB7 engines. The settings are adjustable on-the-fly by way of an in-cab mounted toggle switch, or it has four on-the-fly adjustments when used in conjunction with the Outlook Monitor. Features: Easily adjust your speedometer for tire size and quickly check horsepower and torque. Set the Outlook Monitor for emergency de-fueling point based on EGT (exhaust gas temperature). Because it pulses injectors half as often as competing modules, the Dyno Dominator halts overheating and fuel system damage. The Outlook also lets you diagnose annoying Check Engine lights by displaying and erasing diagnostic trouble codes. The Bully Dog Dyno Dominator is custom-made for your Duramax LB7 diesel engine. Some models of the Dyno Dominator allow you to remove the top-speed limiter. The Dyno Dominator features tranny-smart software for smoother shifting and slip damage prevention. Effortlessly monitor Turbo Boost , EGT, speed, engine RPMs with the Outlook and joyfully record and display ΒΌ mile/0-60 speed and times. The Dyno Dominator installs in minutes; or, remove just as fast to return to stock settings. Specification: Duramax LB7 Dyno Dominator Module (Model# 43066) Note: This item cannot be shipped via 2nd Day Air.

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