Brite-Lite Keychain Clip

The Brite-Lite Keychain Clip by Allison AutoLogix is a quick and easy way to expand the amount of keys on your current keychain. Clip on your extra gadgets and tools on your keychain using the no-hassle clip! Plus it also has a built-in bright flashlight for those dark moments where you need some extra light. The light can be switched on with just a twist and will stay on until you twist it again to turn it off. Unlike most other Keychain flashlights where you need to hold down the button to keep the light on.

* Expand the amount of keys on your current keychain.
* No-hassle clip easily attach to belts & backpacks.
* Built-in Bright light source.
* Twist On and Off.
* Light stays on, no need to hold down the switch.
* Durable and long lasting.

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