Brembo Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors

Brembo Cross-Drilled and Slotted brake rotors can tremendously reduce brake fade in daily driving or racing situations. These rotors also improves rotor cooling, again defeating brake fade. On Cross-Drilled and Slotted rotors, temperatures can be reduced by as much as 200 degrees during extreme braking when compared to stock rotors. The Brembo Sport rotor’s help reduce the cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature brake applications. The brake rotors are sold in axle pairs.

* The electronic balancing system allows to eliminate any possible difference in the weight split of vented discs, avoiding vibration  risks.

* The perfectly uniform thickness of the braking surfaces ensures top performance, maximum comfort and much higher durability of the components.

* The precise finish of the braking surface, ground or fine turned depending on OE specifications, ensures improved pad-discs fit and better running-in.

* The extremely precise tolerance guarantees correct run-out values and the elimination of several types of disc vibrations.


* Maximum safety in time: Careful design, based on advanced calculation systems, controls the heat transmission from the braking surface to the hat section.
* Advanced solutions: the use of specific cast irons, coming from the integration of foundries in the production process, allows for exclusive technical and planning know-how.
High comfort and longer durability: Exact tolerances guarantee maximum performance of braking system components.
* Better synergy between the friction material and disc: Careful finishing guarantees a turned or ground braking surface as for Original Equipment specifications.
* Reduction of vibration risks: An electronic balancing system is used during the production process to eliminate possible unbalanced weight distribution of ventilated discs.

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