Bosch Automotive Handbook 6th Edition

For years, the  Bosch Automotive Handbook has set the standard for practical, concise and illuminating explanations of the design and operation of automotive systems. This indispensable reference book has now been almost completely revised for the 6th edition.

New and updated topics in the 6th edition include aerodynamics, emissions reduction systems and multimedia systems. Additionally, over fifty subjects from the previous edition have been either completely updated, revised or extended. This new edition adds over 270 new pages to the previous 5th edition.

Do you want to know how electronic fuel injection works? The Automotive Handbook will tell you. How to calculate the factors affecting tire adhesion and braking distance? The different testing methods for material hardness? Again, the Automotive Handbook will tell you. With more than one thousand cut-away illustrations, diagrams, tables and sectional drawings, the Automotive Handbook makes even sophisticated automotive concepts easy to visualize and understand.

This Bosch Automotive Handbook, a reliable guide full of up-to-date and concise information, has grown over a period of six decades from a calendar supplement of 96 pages to a 1232 page reference work. In that time, over a million copies have been produced worldwide and the text has been translated into numerous languages.

In the realms of technical literature, the Bosch Automotive Handbook has long since established itself as a source of precise information on the subject of automotive technology.

Subjects included for the first time:

* Aerodynamics
* Analog and digital signal transmission
* Coating systems
* Commercial-vehicle braking management as the platform for commercial-vehicle driver assistance systems
* Development methods and application-engineering tools for electronic systems
* Diagnostics
* Emissions reduction systems
* Engine lubrication
* Environmental management
* Fleet management
* Friction-engagement connections
* Hydrostatics
* Mechatronics
* Mobile information services
* Multimedia systems
* Positive-engagement connections
* Sound design
* Vehicle wind tunnels
* Workshops technology

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