Black Magic High Definition Carnauba Wax

The Black Magic High Definition Carnauba Wax delivers durable and high gloss barrier to protect your car, truck, van or SUV’s finish and provide a deep reflective shine. Black Magic has created a natural formula that uses top quality premium #1 yellow carnauba and has been specially blended for easy hand wax application and removal solving a major challenge of traditional car waxes. This high quality blend produces a noticeable improvement in the shine of your vehicle’s finish. Save for both new and old paint finishes and clear coats.


* Blended For Easy Application and Removal
* Safe For All Surfaces and Clear Coats
* Contains The Finest Yellow Carnauba
* Protective Finish Delivers Deep, Reflective Shine
* Shine That Lasts For Months
* Contains 16 fl. oz.

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