Black and Decker 2 AMP Automatic Float Mode Battery Charger

The Black & Decker 2 AMP Automatic Float Mode Battery Maintainer – Smart Battery Charger features a two-stage high-efficiency charging technology that provides a faster safer charge than older type conventional chargers. High efficiency pure DC current keeps stand-by batteries fully charged. Automatically switches from full-top charge to float mode monitoring automatically. Quick Disconnect Harness-Fast connection for hardwire ring terminals battery clips or vehicle DC accessory plug.


* Spark-resistant, reverse hook-up & overcharge protection
* Easy connection for battery clips and ring terminals or vehicle DC plug
* 2 stage, high-frequency charging technology
* Automatically switches between charging mode and float mode monitoring
* All Solid State Circuitry
* Includes: Battery clips, Battery ring terminals, Vehicle 12 volt DC accessory plug


* Input: 120V AC 60 Hz, 0.5 Amp
* Output: 12V DC, .1-2 Amp
* Size: 11.51 x 6.0 x 7.85
* Weight: 6 lbs.

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