Bestop Duster Deck Cover For Jeep Wrangler
Clean smooth look Ideal use with strapless Bikini Tops and WindJammers Keeps valuables out of sight Fits with or without soft top hardware Hook and loop collars around sport bars keep elements out Protects rear seat and cargo area Please select your vehicle and desired color to display price: Vehicle: Select Your Vehicle 86-91 Wrangler w/factory soft top 76-91 CJ-7/Wrangler w/SuperTop soft top 80-91 CJ-7/Wrangler w/o soft top hardware 92-95 Wrangler w/SuperTop soft top 92-95 Wrangler w/o soft top hardware 80-86 CJ-7 Covers folded bow assembly. Includes snap kit 92-95 Wrangler with factory soft top 97-02 Wrangler with factory hardware folded down 97-02 Wrangler without soft top hardware 03 Wrangler with factory soft top 03 Wrangler with factory hard top removed Color: Select Color Price:

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