Bell Universal Folding Truck Bed Extender

The Universal Truck Bed Extender By Bell Truck Accessories features a universal design that fits all for all makes and models pick-up trucks. Extends you truck bed space to haul and carry more things. Perfect for moving big items or at construction jobs. When not in use the Universal Truck Bed Extender folds down flat and out of the way. Made from high quality stainless steel construction and corrosion resistant aluminum. The Universal Truck Bed Extender is also light weight and simple to install and remove.


* Universal Design Fits All Pick-Up Truck Makes & Models
* Extends Truck Bed Cargo Space
* Attaches To Tailgate and Folds Down When Not In Use
* Rust-Free Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
* Durable Stainless Steel Construction
* Light Weight and Easily Removable
* Dimensions: 49″H x 18″L x 6.25″W
* Weight: 22.3 lbs.

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