Autolite Flare Glo Safety LED Lite

The Autolite Flare Glo Safety LED Lite is a must-have item to have in your car or truck for emergency situations. Unlike dangerous conventional flares that require igniting before use, the Autolite Flare Glo Safety Lite is battery powered with super bright LED lights that blink rapidly and can be seen from 500 feet away at night! The lights can last a minimum of 12 hours versus a 15 minute conventional flare. Placing the Autolite Flare Glo Safety Lite on the roof or on the ground next to your vehicle while stranded on the side of the road or highway can prevent accidents by letting other drivers know where you are especially in low light or dark conditions and may also help you get roadside assistance. Batteries not included.


* For Use In Any Roadside Emergency Situations
* Super Bright LED Visible Up To 500 Feet
* No More Use For Dangerous Traditional Flares
* Can Be Placed On The Roof or On The Ground
* Durable and Weather Resistant Construction
* Last a Minimum Of 12 Hours
* Contains 2 Flare Glo Safety LED Lite Per Package
* Requires (2) AAA Alkaline Batteries Per Unit (not included)

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