Autocommand Deluxe Alarm w/ Remote Starter

Start your car by remote control from the comfort of your home or office. The Design tech 28624T is a remote starter that lets you start your car to turn on the heater, defroster, or air-conditioner from up to 1,000 feet away has keyless entry, trunk release (for equipped vehicles), car finder mode & remote starter and is capable of starting Diesel and Gasoline vehicles. Lock/unlock doors and pop power trunk by remote control. 3 zone alarm system protects your vehicle from theft. The unit also has many other programmable features and is user programmable by the buttons on the remote including CarFinder, Panic Alarm, and Remote Headlight Control. This is a great unit for diesel vehicles. The remotes have 1000 feet of range and are capable or working multiple systems with one remote. Many vehicles require additional anti-theft or transponder integration units to complete the install. Extra transmitter included.

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