Auto-Shade Reflective Tribal Butterfly Sunshade

The Auto-Shade Reflective Tribal Butterfly Sunshade (Standard Size) blocks 99% of direct UV rays from damaging your car’s dashboard and interior. Peaks and valleys design provides air pockets which trap heat and help prevent it from circulating to the rest of the car. Keeps your car’s interior cool and comfortable when you enter. The highly reflective tribal butterfly pattern design also looks great in the windshield. Durable quality construction and made on an accordion fold with an elastic strap to keep it together, for convenient storage. By Axius / Auto Expressions.


* Cool’s and Protects Your Car’s Interior
* Keeps dashboard surfaces an average of 43oF cooler
* Highly Reflective Tribal Butterfly Pattern Design
* Durable Quality Construction
* Blocks 99% of direct UV rays
* Reflects the sun’s rays to help protect your car’s interior
* Accordion fold for easy, flat storage
* Standard Size: 24 x 58 Inches

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