Audi A8, A8L, A8L W12: 2004-2005 Repair Manual on CD-ROM

The Audi A8: 2005, A8L: 2004-2005 A8L W12: 2005 Repair Manual on CD-ROM has been updated to include coverage of the 2005 short-wheelbase A8, the 2005 A8L W12 with the 6.0L 12-Cylinder 4V (Engine Code BSB) and 2005 model year coverage for the A8L. Additionally, many sections have new or revised information. This CD-ROM will also include the new eBahn Version 3.0. A highlight of eBahn 3.0 is the new DTC Xpress, a highly interactive Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) search engine & interpreter. Other new features include an enhanced user interface, and support for technical content updates.

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