Armor All Wax-It-Dry Gel 20 oz.
Armor All Shine and Protection for Your Paint! Advanced wax-polymer blend delivers brilliant, durable finish. Wax while you dry. Leaves no white residue. Safe for all clear coats. Armor All has developed a way to give your paint brilliant Armor All shine and trusted protection. Our advanced Wax-It-Dry Gel technology uniquely blends real carnauba wax and a synthetic polymer to deliver a high-quality shine and durable protection. Directions Wash vehicle with Armor All PowerWash Gel or other soap. Rinse car and leave wet. Apply Wax-It-Dry on vehicle directly or on a towel or chamois. Dry as usual, spreading the gel onto the surface until smooth and dry. Tips Apply quarter-size amount of gel to each panel: treats approximately eight vehicles. If streaking occurs, try using less gel. Armor All Wax-It-Dry Gel also works great on a clean, dry vehicle. Apply as needed to maintain surface appearance and protection.

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