Armor All Extreme Tire Gel
Our Longest-Lasting Wet-Black Shine! Gel control applicator included. Shine proven to last weeks. Thick gel and applicator enable even, no-mess application. Protects against harmful elements that cause fading and cracking. What does inour longest-lastingin mean? Other tire products claim to be long-lasting. Our breakthrough formula is scientifically proven to last weeks, not days. Extreme Tire Shine Gel’s unique formula contains a proprietary blend of high-molecular-weight silicone fluids that adhere to your tire with a durable shield of wet-black shine. Gel control applicator gives ultimate control Gone are the days of messy overspray. Extreme Tire Shine gel’s breakthrough formula contains special polymers that stabilize the product, creating an extra-thick gel. When used with the gel control applicator, the thick gel gives you ultimate control, resulting in an even, streak-free coating of wet black shine. Directions Shake well before use. Unscrew cap and remove foil seal before dispensing. Squeeze gel into groove on gel control applicator. Spread evenly around tires. Shine will intensify over the next few minutes! NOTE: Use only on sidewalls, not treads. Avoid putting product on treads, brakes or floors. Do not use on cycle tires. For Best Results First wash or rinse excessively dirty or muddy tires with Armor All PowerWash Gel. Allow product to dry thoroughly.

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