Airwolf Two-Way Remote Car Starter 20096
Features Two-way communication between your vehicle and the handheld transceiver gives you real-time status of your vehicle. You will know immediately when your vehicle is started, when the alarm is triggered, when the lights are left on, etc . . . Remote start with up to 1,000 feet of range Lock/unlock doors and pop trunk SofGlowTM backlit LCD screen for night visibility User selectable engine run time, timed start, and turbo timer Headlight or parking light activation (selected during installation) Headlight reminder – warns you by remote if you leave your lights on CarFinder – Locate your vehicle easily Real-time clock with parking meter and run times HAND-HELD TRANSCEIVER SPECIFICATIONS Battery life: up to 6 months on 1 AAA alkaline Low battery indicator Displays current time (Memory is held for 1 minute while changing battery) Displays time from when you last left the vehicle (i.e. parking meter time) Displays run time while under remote control Signal strength meter is great for finding your car in a parking lot LCD display shows each of 6 zones for alarm activation All vehicle features adjustable by menu on hand-held transceiver: Valet Mode – On or Off Configure Siren – Off or 1 to 25 seconds Configure Cold Start – Wait between starts – 1 to 12 hours Configure Engine Run Time – 1 to 25 minutes Configure Clock Time for Vehicle to Start Configure Turbo Features – 1 to 20 minute cool down Configure Automatic Door Lock – On or Off Configure Auxiliary Output 1 or 2 – Momentary (0.1 to 9.9 secs) or latching Leather transceiver case included VEHICLE CAR STARTER MODULE SPECIFICATIONS 30 amp relays on board for START, IGNITION 1, and ACCESSORIES 10 amp relays on board for LIGHTS and TRUNK Transistor output for IGNITION 2 (but relay and harness included for external mount) Transistor outputs for DOME LIGHT, AUX 1, AUX 2, DISARM, REARM, and STARTER INTERRUPT 3 Amp power transistor output for SIREN Positive and Negative power transistor outputs for LOCK and UNLOCK Works with both automatic transmission and manual transmission vehicles. Full alarm capabilities – Tamper report on hand-held transceiver System comes with: Dash Mount LED Hood Pin Switch Valet Switch Glass-Mount Antenna All harnesses 30 Amp Relay and Harness for second ignition output Systems can learn up to 4 hand-held transceivers (either LCD style or 1-way transmitters)

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