Accutire RV and Truck Digital Tire Gauge

The Accutire RV & Truck LCD Tire Gauge is a great tool to have for any car, van, truck, SUV, RV, ATV and more. Whether you race, off-road or just simply run errands, having the right tire pressure is essential. Having the correct tire pressure can maintain your vehicle’s gas mileage thus saving you money at the pump and also extend the life of your tires. The gauge features a heavy duty, flexible braided steel hose with two nozzles on a metal wand combined with a sure-grip rubber case allowing you to reach deep into the wheel without getting your hands dirty. The Accutire RV & Truck Tire Gauge also features an extra large LCD display making it very easy to read the pressure even in direct sunlight.


* Extra Large, Easy-To-Read LCD Display
* 0.5 Resolution and 0-150 PSI Range
* Bleed Valve For Exact Pressure
* Heavy Duty Construction
* Flexible Braided Steel Hose With Metal Wand
* Sure Grip Rubber Handle
* Storage Pouch Included


* Range: 0-150 PSI
* Accuracy: +/- 1% + 0.5 PSI
* Resolution: 0.1 PSI
* Powered By: 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery

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