Accutire Digital SetPoint Programmable Tire Gauge

Start saving gas money immediately without changing your driving lifestyle by using the ingenious Accutire Digital SetPoint Programmable Tire Gauge today! The gauge remembers recommended pressure for front and rear tires. The gauge features a ultra bright white LED flashlight, Blue backlit display, Rubber grip and Beep verification. The gauge runs on 2 lithium batteries that are replaceable.

Keeping your tires at their factory approved levels will help you save hundreds of dollars on your yearly gas bill, and the Accutire Digital SetPoint Programmable Tire Gauge makes this procedure easier even in low light conditions!


* Bright white LED flashlight.
* Very Accurate 5 – 99 PSI (in 1/2 lb. units).
* Extra large and bright blue backlit LCD display for low light conditions.
* Accutire’s Patent-Protected SetPoint Technology
* Programmable feature allows for recording the factory recommended tire pressure for both front and rear tires.
* Audible beeping pressure signal.
* Ergonomic Comfortable Rubber grip handle.
* Replaceable lithium batteries.
* 5 year Manufacturer warranty.

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