Accutire Digital Key Chain Tire Gauge

A tire gauge is not very useful if you can’t find it. That is why Accutire created this clever Digital Key Chain Tire Gauge. No more fumbling around in the car and glove compartment looking for a tire gauge. Also, since the gauge is attached to your key chain, every time you get in the car you will always be reminded to check your tire pressure. Keeping your tires at their proper factory inflation specs will help you save money on gas, maximize handling, increase tire tread life and most importantly improves safety.


* Accurate measurements using digital technology.
* Convenient digital tire gauge and key chain.
* Maintaining proper tire pressure saves money on gas and premature tire wear.
* Easy to read LCD display.
* Reads tire pressures from 5-99 PSI (in 1/2 lb units).
* Permanent lifetime lithium battery, turns off and on automatically.
* Rugged ABS plastic construction.
* Batteries included.
* 1 year manufacture warranty.

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