AC Delco 12V Portable Air Compressor
The AC Delco Portable Air Compressor comes in it’s own rugged carrying case that includes a safety light on the side! Inside the compact case you’ll find all the equipment necessary to inflate anything from tires to beach balls! The compressor has enough power to inflate the tires of cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, 4 X 4′s, and SUV’s! The AC Delco air compressor plugs right into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter powered by your car’s battery. Also supplied is a built-in pressure gauge, and an on/off switch! The AC Delco air compressor is both safe and powerful, delivering 275 PSI. Comes with a three year warranty! Extra long power cord for easy reach to all vehicle tires High pressure air hose with quick connector for instant valve attachment. Fan cooled to run 30% cooler. Tested to provide 8 hours of non-stop performance.

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