3M One Step Cleaner Wax (16 oz.)

Improve the look and feel of your paint.Many detailing products are geared towards enthusiasts who like to spend their Saturdays agonizing over every inch of their vehicle until it is absolutely perfect. We love these people because they keep us in business, but we realize not everyone has the time. So when a quality, time-saving product comes along, we offer it to our customers who want a great-looking vehicle, but dont have time to spare.Such is the case with 3M One Step Cleaner Wax. This product combines the paint cleaning ability of a fine polish with the protective, shine-enhancing qualities of a wax. The result is a beautiful finish in half the time.3M One Step Cleaner Wax removes most fine scratches, light oxidation, swirl marks, and minor stains so that your paints texture is improved. While you are cleaning your paint of mild imperfections, you are also depositing a durable, attractive shine that highlights your smooth paint.To use 3M One Step Cleaner Wax, simply apply a quarter-size amount to a soft cloth. Rub in a circular motion on a clean, dry, cool vehicle. As it dries, buff to a beautiful shine. For machine use, apply a small amount to the polishing pad. Work in a 2×2 area at a time. As wax begins to dry, lighten the pressure on the machine and polish to a high gloss shine.To amplify and prolong your shine, layer 3M Paste Wax over the 3M One Step Cleaner.For busy people who still want a shiny, detailed vehicle, 3M One Step Cleaner Wax is a great time-saver that produces flawless results.

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